The Comprehensive Dasher Manual: Your Ultimate Resource for Embarking on DoorDash

September 18, 2023

This comprehensive manual is designed to address typical inquiries regarding dashing and to provide you with assurance as you venture onto the road for your inaugural day. As an Independent Contractor, the choices you make during your journey are solely yours.


Getting Started

  • Download the Dasher application (discover how). Dashers can deploy the app on their iOS or Android devices. It's important to note that certain phones with jailbreaking or root access might face difficulties in accessing the Dasher app. If you encounter problems accessing the app even after multiple attempts, consider resetting your device or logging in using a different phone altogether.
  • Link your bank account for seamless payment processing (learn more).
  • Plan your first dash by scheduling it (learn more).
  • View A Dasher’s Guide to Dashing:


Earnings Overview

The Earnings section within your Dasher app provides an overview of your basic compensation, customer gratuities, and extra incentives, offering you a consolidated view of your earnings. It's also the space where you configure your weekly direct deposit and Fast Pay account particulars.


Add your bank account details to facilitate automatic, fee-free weekly payouts.

  • Navigate to the Earnings section of your Dasher app, click on the bank icon at the top right, and then tap “Add Bank Account” to input your account details.
  • Each Monday, we'll transfer your earnings from the prior week. Depending on your bank, direct deposits could take up to 3 days to process. You should expect to see your earnings deposited into your account byWednesday each week.

 For immediate daily cashouts at a fee of $1.99, activateFast Pay. (Available only in the US)

  • Access the Earnings section of your Dasher app, click thebank icon, and then select “Set up Fast Pay” to input your card information. At present, cashing out to prepaid cards is not supported.


DasherDirect Instant Payout

DasherDirect Instant Pay offers immediate payment after each dash, at no cost. Additionally, when you employ your

DasherDirect Business card, you can receive 2% cashback on gasoline expenses.


Determining When to Dash

As a Dasher, you have the flexibility to choose both the timing and extent of your dashes. Whether you wish to dash throughout the entire day or sporadically, there are no obligatory commitments.


Advance scheduling

You can create your own schedule that aligns with your preferences. If you have plans in advance, you can pre-schedule your dashes to secure your availability.


Peak hours

Lunch and dinner Peak times usually coincidewith meal periods. Lunch (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM) and dinner (4:30 PM to 8:00 PM)are frequently the most bustling periods, promising higher earnings. To ensureyour spot during these high-demand periods, you can schedule dashes up to 5days ahead.


Dash Now

For busy times When your vicinity is bustling,"Dash Now" lets you immediately commence dashing. The heat mapdisplay will turn red (the deeper the red, the more available orders), and youcan select "Dash Now" to initiate your dash.


Pro Tip! Keep an eye out for "Peak Pay offers" and additional Challenges, as these present opportunities for increased earnings.They often indicate a busier timeframe for dashing.


Choosing Where to Dash

The decision of where to dash is also yours.

  • Busier regions near prominent local eateries are popular among Top Dashers, who suggest parking near these establishments to enhance the chances of receiving order assignments promptly!
  • Navigate to hotspots, marked on the map with a flame icon 🔥.These aren't active orders but rather regions that are consistently busy.Utilize the navigation option to reach these areas, thus elevating your odds of receiving orders.
  • Start dashing from home while awaiting your initial order.
  • Dash along your route: The Dash Along the Way feature optimizes your time on the road by permitting you to complete deliveries while en-route to your destination. When traveling between zones, you can use Dash Along the Way to earn money by delivering orders.


Completing Deliveries Effectively

Whether you prefer maintaining an ongoing dialogue withcustomers during deliveries or providing only essential updates, dressing inofficial DoorDash attire or sporting your preferred outfit, dashing forextended hours or short periods – your approach to dashing is entirely underyour control.

This step-by-step guide will lead you through utilizing theDasher app at every phase of your delivery:


Accepting and Rejecting Orders

Upon receiving an order, you'll be presented with information about the minimum earnings and distance. This data enables you to make an informed decision about accepting the order. You'll have 40 seconds to evaluate the offer before it's reassigned to a nearby Dasher. Select “Accept” to initiate the process!

You are free to accept or decline any delivery opportunity, and there's no mandatory Acceptance Rate to remain active on the DoorDash platform.


Arriving at the Restaurant

At the Restaurant, you can inform the staff that you're picking up a DoorDash order and provide your customer's name. All orders are pre-paid, so you can swiftly collect the order, express gratitude to the staff, and head to the drop-off point!


Making a Delivery

Delivering to the customer is straightforward! The Dasher app offers navigation assistance to the drop-off location and provides any special delivery instructions. Successful Dashers recommend reviewing these instructions while waiting for orders to save time at the final destination. If you have queries, you can contact the customer directly via phone or text options. 

Pro Tip! Seasoned Dashers emphasize the significance ofcustomer communication. In fact, data suggests that reaching out to customersthrough calls or texts in cases of delayed deliveries can enhance your ratingsby 10%!


FAQs for Instant Dashing

With the "Instant Dash" program, you can begin dashing immediately upon completing your sign-up process – no additional equipment required! This initiative is accessible to certain Dashers in specific markets, facilitating an instant start to earning income on the road.


Can I dash without a Red Card and hot bag?

Absolutely! As you embark on your journey, we'll only assign deliveries that don't necessitate a Red Card and hot bag. After your initial dash, you'll receive an email and text message notifying you that a Red Card and hot bag will be dispatched to you.


How will restaurants identify me as a Dasher?

Upon arrival at the restaurant, you can simply notify thestaff that you're there to collect a DoorDash order and provide your customer'sname.


Will I still receive DoorDash gear?

Certainly! After your initial delivery, we'll ship yourDoorDash Kit, which encompasses both a Red Card and an insulated tote bag.You'll be informed when your kit is dispatched. Upon receipt of your kit, you'll find instructions for activating and utilizing your new Red Card.


What if I desire more DoorDash gear?

Visit the DoorDash Store, operated by Overture, at THIS link.

While your Activation Kit includes a Red Card and a hot bag, the DoorDash Store offers supplementary items such as tote bags, tees and tops, drink carriers, and more! Additionally, if you ever misplace your Red Card, you can order replacements free of charge from the store.


Accessing Dasher Support

As you dash, it's natural to have more queries. For more information on the sign-up process, app usage, managing your Dasher Account, and other topics, visit the Dasher Help Center.

If you have questions while on a delivery, click on the"?" or HELP button within your Dasher app to connect with a representative.

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